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Will Smith's House

Celebrity tastes are always peculiar, especially when it comes to their homes. Most celebrities want to stay in a place they desire and Will Smith seems to be the most recent example. Though he had an amazing offer to stay for free at a posh Clinton Hill building, he decided to go against it and settle down at 25 Bond Street, NOHO in Manhattan, NY.

Will Smith's House
Will Smith's House

The apartment charges a monthly rental of $55,000 and it was once displayed for sale for an astonishing $19 million. Located in one of the prime locations, this definitely is a great place to be.

However, there is no official announcement from any sources about the agreement between Mr. Smith and the property owner. The 7326 square foot apartment is spread out on an entire floor, making sure that there is maximum privacy for the celebrity family. This construction style is also a reason or the property's huge value and why it's preferred by many celebrities whenever it's vacant.

Luxury is something that you won't miss on Will Smith's new NOHO apartment, thanks to the incredible designing and space preferences. The apartment has huge 5 bedrooms and more than enough space for servants as well. There are 61/2 bathrooms and other amenities.

Comfort is ensured with 4 fireplaces, two balconies and a full-fledged kitchen with all the appliances. There is a direct access garage with two parking spaces and a laundry room too. Despite all these incredible facilities you have a huge media room with an incredible 89 feet length.

However, this apartment is nothing compared to an estate owned by Mr. Smith on Santa Monica Mountains. The 22,000 square foot mansion has amenities that no one can even imagine. It comes with a fully lit up tennis court and a basket ball court. Oh, if you are a beach volleyball fan, don't worry, you can find a sand volleyball court too. The mansion is located on one of the costliest real estate locations in the US and is estimated to be worth several millions.
Will Smith's Home

The apartment also comes with a lagoon type swimming pool and quite a few guestrooms. Will Smith does seem like a man of taste, it doesn't matter whether he is at work or not. The NOHO apartment he lives in has a spate launch for residents and a barbecue. The 24 hour security and room service ensure that luxury is never compromised.

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