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Carlos Slim Helu's House

The richest man in the world probably has a palatial palace with 30 bedrooms and even more bathrooms, with butlers and maids attending to his every need, right?

Wrong. Carlos Slim Helu has lived for decades in the same modest house in Mexico.

It has six bedrooms in a house once graced by his children, who have now grown and moved away. He said he much prefers having extra space outside the house, and he enjoys his gardens and trees.

When asked why he didn't have a bigger house, he replied in typical style. What does he need with more house? What would he do with it? When a family lives in a smaller home, they get to be closer and see each other more.

The furnishings and accessories in Helu's house are expensive and charming, but they don't scream "wealth". The house has white painted walls outside and beige dominates the interior. This creates a warm and soft nuance, along with the wall lamps and the chandeliers that light most rooms.

Doors on the house are painted a simple white. They give his house a neat, clean appeal. You'll find flowers in most rooms and Catholic ornaments and paintings here and there. The house has a sense of beauty and also a sense of religion. Outside the home, the gardens have large and small trees alike.

Carlos Slim is definitely a family man, and his family has always come first. He could have a multi-million dollar home if he wanted it, but he doesn't feel the need to impress his guests. His office is found in the same neighborhood, and his childhood home is just a few miles away.

His childhood home has two stories and a Gothic appeal to the exterior. It has not been occupied for more than 20 years, but it still plays a part in their lives. Helu feels the beauty of the house, and the amazing things that are preserved there. It is not only a part of life, he says, but a part of him, as well.

Inside you'll find a home kept for preserving memories of his youth. Photos of the family line the brown walls, including portraits of all five of his siblings and a large painting of his father. The living room holds a pianola, which Mr. Slim will open and play, for guests. He can't play a lot, he says, but he used to pretend he could, since it's one of the type of pianos that plays by itself.

Carlos Slim Helu's New York City Mansion

His office holds no computer. He prefers to keep his data stored in notebooks that are meticulously kept. A photo of his father faces his desk. He will allow guests to open a wooden bureau that holds a wireless radio, which is a model from the 1940's. He laughs at their amazement, and enjoys showing off childhood memories that are frozen in time in his childhood home.

Carlos Slim Helu enjoys history, and the history and culture of his Mexico, in particular. He spends time in his quiet home and his functional office, stopping occasionally to revisit his childhood home. He also spends time at the new museum he is having built, to share his art treasures with everyone who would care to visit.

Note: In 2010 Carlos Slim Helu bought the Duke Mansion on 5th Avenue in New York City for $44 million. Hey, even Carlos needs a home away from home, right. :)

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