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Michael Jordan's House

While you have seen and read about the houses of many celebrities in Hollywood, you would like to know about the greatest basketball player and king of basketball Michael Jordan. Michael Jordan has recently bought a mansion in the 'The Bears Club', in Jupiter, Florida which was designed and developed by none other than world's greatest golfer, Jack Nicklaus.

The Bears Club which now is a great mansion was once an empty piece of land left for years with a lot of barbed wires and few cows owned by John D. McArthur.
Michael Jordan's House
Michael Jordan's House

Jack Nicklaus bought the place for making his dream come true to build the ultimate golf course community. Later this prospect was divided into two sections and the second half was built into the Ritz-Carlton of Jupiter.

While the Ritz as well as the Bears Club shares the same spotlight they are completely out of sight and can enjoy their own privacy. Michael Jordan's option of choosing the 3 acre home site at the Bears Club is certainly not unpredictable when it comes to his taste. His desire to be in one of the best homes around the area as well as in complete privacy will be well served here.

The home has been literally landscaped with forest of trees with giving others no glimpse of this mammoth mansion that stretches itself to 28,000 sq. ft. The whole mansion consists of three separate structures - the guesthouse, the guardhouse and the pool house.

MJ had to shed out 4.8 billion for the land and 7.6 million for developing this. This means that he spent a total of $12.4 million for this mansion which is probably one of the most expensive homes in Palm Beach with a non-waterfront home. This is just the price for the structure but when it was finished with furnishings it probably exceeded more than $20 million.

Michael Jordan's massive mansion has 17 bedrooms, with six bedrooms on the second floor alone. It has an athletic wing integrated together with the basketball court for an extravagant workout facility. It also has a two-story guardhouse and has been rumored to have an incredible state-of-the-art electronics with a huge media room.

The Bears club is extensively used by Michael Jordan as his usual routine to play golf is fulfilled here. As everybody knows Michael Jordan's love for gambling and cigar, it is said that he claims the latter in opposition to Jack's wish to tone it down.

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