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Martha Stewart's House

As expressive as her paintings, and as appealing as her antiques, Martha Stewart's house brings the charm of nature and ethnicity in every room.

Martha Stewart, one of America's richest women owns Skylands, her spectacular 35,000 sq foot home concealed in 63 acres of wooded shadow, off the coast of Maine.
Martha Stewart's House
Martha Stewart's House

The house was once owned by Edsel Ford, the former car designer and tycoon. The house was built in 1925 as a summer get away for his family, and today Martha's many family photos and original furnishings still adorn the home.

Martha, the author, editor, business magnate, and homemaking advocate loves to pay attention to every nook and corner of her extravagant house, which is tastefully and beautifully furnished and decorated. She even has separate flower arranging room, which she says is a dream come true for anyone who is interested in flower arrangements. The kitchen has the latest top of the range, state of the art, stainless steel appliances with a whole wall of old-fashioned refrigerators.

The basic elements in each room are alike, but they all have a meticulous eye to detail when it comes to the interior design. The countless combination of gilded mirrors, 18th-century candlesticks, mercury glass vases, lampshades lined with sparking passementerie. They all energize the ambience around the house.
Martha has a potted Agave victoriae-reginae in her greenhouse, one of the countless sun-loving succulents in her.

Martha treasures her assorted fancy-leaf begonias so that it gives each guest a diverse perception on the rich assortment of these amazing rhizomatous hybrids. Martha's New York home used to be a study in complete white and white. This color texture made the whole view through each window look like a painting which is framed with a wide mat. Among the lush tones of the green gardens outside, the whites seemed to develop a glaring contrast.

This is when Martha decided to update the house to give it a new look, keeping the same basic fixtures and furniture. The house has a small pond nearby where Lily pads in shades of beige, brown and teal create serenity. Nature friendly shades like these also appear in all the rooms of the home.

The dining room is kept completely white with a very nice aesthetic touch to it. The white woodwork and walls with metal accents bring in a warmer tone and suit the space and furnishing. The butter-hued woodwork and walls give the room a much more elegant and richer glow. The ceiling has been painted completely with modern shade of dark beige. The dining room exhibits a neatly shaped marble topped wooden table in old paint that complements the wall color. The dark wood chairs give a very nice definition to the whole ambience.

The living room is bright with natural light coming through the doors, windows and the fireplace. Martha closed off one doorway so that she could create some space for the sofa. The white woodwork along the stairwell and the front hall contrasts deeply with the dark fir floor.

The most organized room is the kitchen which has the right shades and woodwork to make it a completely elegance room. The gardens are visible through the windows and the teal tile floor creates a nice nature touch.

Martha has also creates ample storage space for her dishware, pottery, cake plates and so on that have grown over the use. She personally created more room for these, along the pantry wall which are painted with the same color as the kitchen walls. This gives a very nice organized and accessible feature.

The media mogul is also an enthusiastic animal lover; her pets consist of champion show Chow chow dogs, Himalayan cats, French bulldogs and Friesian horses.

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