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Aaron Spelling Home

Who would have thought that the Texas born, son of an emigrated, Polish tailor, would grow up to become one of the most prolific television producer in the history of Hollywood?

Aaron Spelling Home

That is the story of Aaron Spelling who wrote and produced some of television's greatest guilty pleasures, including Charlie's Angels, The Mod Squad, Beverly Hills 90210 and Charmed. Spelling was said to be a modest, self-effacing kind of man, but when it came to his home, he held nothing back.

The Manor, Holmby Hills, Los Angeles, California

When Spelling and his wife Candy initially purchased the Holmby Hills property, in the mid-1980's, there was already a beautiful mansion, which had once belonged to Bing Crosby, on the 6 acre estate. People were outraged when the Spellings razed it to the ground and began the 4-year, $12 million construction project that resulted in a mansion which literally dwarfed the sizeable mansions that surrounded it.

Walk Inside

The Manor's Stats

The Manor was constructed in a classic French chateau style, and within the 56,000 square feet of the main house, you will find 123 rooms, 14 of which are bedrooms, 27 of which are bathrooms, 4 are bars and 3 are kitchens. It is easily the largest private residence in Los Angeles County, where some of the biggest houses in the country have been built. The property also boasts a 6,000 square foot guest house.

More Surprisingly…

If you are doing the math, you know that the "regular" rooms only account for 48 of the 123 rooms in this palatial abode. So what else does a billionaire television producer need? Well, how about 3 separate rooms dedicated to wrapping presents. There is also an entire floor, located between the second story and the 20,000 square foot attic that provides enough closet space for Candy's extensive wardrobe.

Additionally the Spellings were one of the first to build a private bowling alley on their property, just down the hall from the doll museum, where Mrs. Spelling showcases her extensive collection of porcelain dolls from around the world.

Beyond the Interior

Outside the comfortably appointed interior, the property plays home to 12 fountains, a greenhouse, a pool, multiple sport courts, parking for 100 cars, 6 formal gardens and a waterfall. The one remaining structure from Bing Crosby's original estate is the stables where the Spellings oversaw the breeding and care of a number of thoroughbred horses.

New Ownership

Spelling died in his massive home, in 2006 from complications related to a stroke, at the age of 83. At the time, his widow vowed not to sell the home where she and her husband had made such pleasant memories. However, the Manor proved to be too much for her to manage, so she listed the property for $150 million, in 2009, making it the most expensive piece of real estate in US history.

Two years later (in 2011), Petra Ecclestone, British heiress to the Formula One fortune, purchased the property for $85 million, and plans to split her time between the Manor and her more modest home in London.

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