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Mark Wahlberg's Home

If you ever take one of those celebrity bus tours through Beverly Hills, you will soon learn that the bigger the movie star, the bigger the home. If we are to really judge the mark of a star by the size of their property, then it might be fair to suggest that Mark Wahlberg is the biggest movie star in the world right now.

Mark Wahlberg's Beverly Hills, CA Home

It has been five years in the making, but it finally looks as though the Wahlberg family home might finally be done. We will probably never get an invite there, but we can talk about what it looks like.

Wahlberg purchased the land that the 30,000 square foot property now sits on back in 2009, shelling out a cool $8 million dollars in the process. There will certainly be plenty of room for the four Wahlberg kids to play, but it also looks as though there is going to be plenty of space to entertain, with the pool area alone being a bigger space than most of us get to live in inside a full home. As cool as the pool is, with the rock waterfall and other goodies, there is a ton of stuff to love on the inside, too.

The property, done in a French mansion style, is the brainchild of Richard Landry, a designer who is building a solid reputation as the home maker to the stars. The two-story home features a full-size gym so that Wahlberg can stay buffed up for those action roles that he loves.

It also has a library and a movie theater built in, essentially making it totally unnecessary to leave the home in search of entertainment. Not that Wahlberg has to worry about staying in and pinching the pennies, though, as his personal fortune is considered to be in the $200 million range.

What may come as a surprise to many is that many of the crazier elements we are used to seeing in celebrity homes, such as bowling alleys and indoor basketball courts, are not included. Landry revealed that most of the rooms within the property are actually smaller in scale when compared to other celebrity mansions.

He says this was done with the goal of making the space still have the feel of a family residence. That said, Wahlberg has already allegedly joked that the home is twice the size of the Tom Brady residence.

We can only hope that Mark Wahlberg will allow cameras into the home once the family moves in, so that we can all get a look at the details within. All of the images that are available at the moment are from the initial renderings put together by the Landry Design Group.

That they are totally stunning as drawings only makes you wonder how magnificent the finished article will look in real life. If the aerial shots of the property are anything to go by, the Wahlberg family mansion is one that is sure to be breathtaking.

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